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Losing weight isn’t an easy task — but it can be simple. The REFIRM® product line up is designed to streamline your success.

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Three Options For Your Goals

Full Body Burn Capsules

Get fast-acting weight loss in 60 days with formulas powered by green coffee bean extract.

Two Simple Steps For
Fast-Acting Weight Loss

ReFirm Full Body Burn | Two simple steps for fast-acting weight loss


How do I know which AM formula to take?
If you are sensitive to stimulants (get jittery off a cup of coffee), you want to start with AM Effective (white capsule). Some people have a stronger tolerance (or build one) to stimulants and prefer the more potent formula in AM Enhanced (black capsule).

Will I still benefit from just taking either the AM or PM formula instead of both?
If you do not wish to take one of the AM or PM formulas, these are also sold as individual products, and you can get the same weight loss benefits from simply taking the AM formula twice per day or the PM formula twice per day depending on which formula you prefer. However, your energy (stimulant) level will vary depending on the formula.

What kind of nighttime properties does the PM formula have?
The PM Weight Loss Aid is not formulated to aid with sleep, but instead is a stimulant-free formula for continued weight loss benefits in the evening while avoiding keeping you up at night.

Daily Lean Life Packets

Experience a lean life of convenient weight management support with 30 packets at a time.

One Simple Step for Convenient
Weight Management Support

ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets | One simple step for convenient weight management support


Will I see weight loss results if I only take the Daily Lean Life Packets?
Since there are calorie-burning and metabolism-boosting properties in the packets, you may experience some weight loss when also following a healthy diet and exercise plan. However, you will see more noticeable and faster results if you are also taking the ReFirm® AM and PM formulas in conjunction with the packets.

What kind of side effects might I experience? And can I continue to take these packets over time?
If you are sensitive to stimulants, you may experience some nausea. If you experience this after taking the Daily Lean Life Packets separate out and take the Gray Belly Fat Tablet in the evening. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take with food. The Daily Lean Life Packets can serve as your daily multivitamin with added components to help reduce belly fat and support energy, mood and focus. You can continue to take this product for all three benefits.

Can I take my current multivitamin along with the Daily Lean Life Packets?
You should not take any additional multivitamin with the Daily Lean Life Packets as these provide your full intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss Success Pack

A 60-day program equipped to provide simple and effective weight loss for quick results and long-term success.

Easy to follow with 3 simple steps

ReFirm Success Pack | Easy to follow with three simple steps


How long does this weight loss program last?
The Success Pack is a 60-day program, but the Daily Lean Life Packets will run out at 30 days, so you will want to purchase a separate box of those in order to experience the best success for the full 60 days.

How is this weight loss program different from other weight loss programs at Complete Nutrition or other supplement retailers?
ReFirm® is a weight loss program that focuses on quick weight loss and long-term weight management. One of the most unique components is a metabolism-boosting calorie-burning multivitamin that will realistically manage your weight loss goals. The packets are essential to healthy weight loss and continued weight management.

What kind of side effects might I experience?
For those that are sensitive to stimulants, you may experience rapid heartbeat or nervousness. If this occurs, you may need a fat burner that is less potent. If you experience nausea or dizziness, make sure you are properly following the suggested use. You may need to drink more water or take with more food to prevent these side effects.

ReFirm | AM Effective Supplement Facts

ReFirm | AM Enhanced Supplement Facts

ReFirm | PM Weight Loss Aid Supplement Facts

ReFirm | Multivitamins Supplement Facts

ReFirm | Belly Fat Tablet Supplement Facts

ReFirm | Energy , Mood & Focus Supplement Facts


Why Exercise?

Exercise is vital to taking off weight and keeping it off. Consistent workouts are also essential to a longer, healthier life. Here you'll find a collection of workouts for all ability levels, as well as the REFIRM® workout guide. So whether you're a fitness junkie or a first-timer, we've got a workout to fit your style.

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Exercise Tips

Take the stairs. Use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators whenever possible.


Why Nutrition?

Nutrition is a key component of the REFIRM® system. Healthy eating provides faster, more effective weight loss results while improving your quality of life. And you don’t have to be a five-star chef to eat well. Here you’ll find recipes, tips and the REFIRM® meal guide to help you plan your nutrition.

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Nutrition Tips

Try to get your recommended 5-9 servings of fruit and veggies a day. You’ll meet your fiber goals and train your body to be content with more high-volume, low-calorie food choices.

Hydration Tips

Start the day with a cup of hot water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon. This will give your digestive system a real boost.


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